Products with Assurance 

Sole and Beauty as qualified podiatrists are one of the foremost suppliers of high quality foot care products Including : insoles, nail instruments and toe nail pliers, cantilevered nail nippers, nail files, shoe insoles, sports insoles, softop socks, orthotics, langer orthotics, footlogics orthotics, the salford insole, shoe inserts, gel insoles, bunion protection, corn pads, heel pads, toe protection, toe pads, toe bolsters, chiropody felt and gel pads for foot pain relief. Buy insoles and orthotics from us however we strongly recommend a consultation if you have not used any products before.  Insoles for athletes, insoles for sportspeople, insoles for runners, insoles for hikers and insoles for golfers. Agents for range of footwear . Foot and Heel Protection Treatment for painful corns, callous, bunions, heel and ball of foot problems. Splints & toe props Insoles/Orthotics To treat over pronation, plantar fasciitis, pain in the heel, ball of foot pain, arthritis and low arches. Instruments/Padding/ Treatments Dressings, strapping, files, nail nippers and creams, post op dressing packs. Socks Range of non-elastic, soft top, diabetic ladies and mens socks in wool and cotton. 

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